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Ariele Celese

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So I'm working on a

reader driven comic


and we are currently in the middle of a poll

the comic is updated 1-3 pages a day, after the votes are tallied

we also have an instance

and a forum

because im that kind of an asshole.

anyway, hope you like it, and if you want, donating to the patreon would help a bunch

if you wanna help me

not be homesless

and also like

support me financially

so maybe i can hire some



beep boop motherfuckers

If you're a part of Just Another Party


hit that up and lemmie know what you think

I've worked up a rough draft up to [S] Enter

Update: Taking today off to do planning and template remaking

cos I'm just staring at the panel and that's it

not a great feel haha


it seems like the way to get me

to feel like I can do the comic is to

wake up

before noon

hey so i might have accidently wiped everything

but that forces me to hand draw

so its not all bad

oh god saturday and sunday are gonna be so much

but im kinda hype

so its all good

tfw i never have a clear winner in polls

welp they regected my affidavit of poverty


i need $260 to file for this name change if you wanna help

That was fun

gonna probably do a winxp

install to do actual things

but it's gonna be good for

screenshots and stuff

so internet is working

but https doesnt work

gonna see if i can install

opera 11

and get any better setup

its so terribly great tho

now if i can get the internet set up

i will be one happy


terfs Show more

it looks good

but this final stretch of

system setup is taking a


and i dunno if its gonna

break on restart

dropped the RAM to 64MBs

not getting BSOD so i hope that helped